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410 houselots allocated in Edinburgh, 655 allocated at Meter- meer- Zorg Region Three

Minister Croal engaging contractors (Photo: Ministry of Housing and Water)

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal along with several other officials, on Friday visited Region Three where he inspected several developing housing schemes namely the Edingburg and Meten-meer-Zorg Housing Schemes.

At Edinburgh, Minister Croal engaged the contractors and after discussion the allottees were assured they would soon be able to access their house lots. So far 410 persons have been allocated lots here.

In the next two weeks, the first batch of allottees in Phase One Edinburg will be invited to participate in a lot identification exercise while allottees in Phase Two and Three will be able to access their lands by the end of September.

Meanwhile, at the Leonora New Housing Scheme and Meten-meer-zorg Housing Scheme first phase infrastructure works are ongoing. At Meten- meer- Zorg some 655 lots have been allocated.

The first 100 homes under an agreement with Republic Bank will be constructed at Leonora while at Meten-meer-Zorg some $967 M is being spent on infrastructure works.

The first phase infrastructure works in these schemes include, access roads, bridges and drainage works.

First phase infrastructure works in a number of housing schemes in Region 3, West Coast Demerara are also progressing.

(Extracted and modified by Ministry of Housing and Water)

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