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Health Minister Dr. Frank Anthony says a total of 38 new COVID-19 cases were recorded during the last 24 hours.

There are currently 312 active COVID-19 cases, two of which are currently in the Intensive Care Unit at the Infectious Diseases Hospital.

“The pattern of the disease has changed, where you’re seeing this milder form of the infection. Incubation periods have shortened and that’s why I think the CDC has recently changed their guidelines. So they no longer require persons to stay at home if they test positive. But, if they’re going to go out they need to take precautions by wearing masks, an N95 mask, so that they don’t infect other persons. So that’s a very important thing.”

The Health Minister said the strains of the Covid-19 virus which were prevalent at the beginning of the pandemic were more harmful while current strains have become more diluted.

The Health Minister continued to urge persons to follow safety protocols such as wearing masks.

“Covid is not over. And if you’re in a crowded environment without masks and you’re exposed to someone who is infected obviously you are going to be at high risk of getting covid. So that’s one thing because transmission of covid is very high, especially with the BA-5 variant.”

Minister Anthony also voiced concerns over the slow vaccination rate, noting that only 232 persons were vaccinated over the past 24 hours.


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