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36 permanent, 80 part-time jobs to be created as NBS plans to open four more loan offices

The New Building Society (NBS) will shortly begin the construction of four new offices in Regions Three, Four, and Nine. At a press briefing on Wednesday, the Society’s Chairman, Dr Nanda Gopaul, made this announcement.

The Four offices will be housed on the East Bank, East Coast, Leonora, and the Region Nine location is still to be decided. This move will bring the accessibility of loans closer to citizens across the three regions.

There are currently no NBS offices in Region Nine, and Dr Gopaul said the Society has been allocated a piece of land and will visit the site shortly.

“Within the next seven days, we will be having Directors and management visiting the location and to look at possibilities either to start something at our plot of land there or to rent facilities that are there because they are existing hotels and so on that have offices for rental.”

The expansion of the New Building Society will also result in the creation of 36 permanent jobs and approximately 80 part-time jobs.

“Employment within the society, I think it will perhaps be in the vicinity of about 36 persons, nine at each location on an average, and with respect to the construction phase, we will have about 80, 20 per site,” Gopaul said.

The Chairman said it is the NBS’s aim to ensure loans are easily accessible to citizens at an affordable cost. Apart from this, the NBS also announced a number of reductions in mortgage rates.


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