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32 year old mechanic chopped to death; younger brother seriously injured in Region 7

Police are investigating the alleged murder of 32 year old mechanic Raphael Cadogan and the attempted murder of his 25 year old brother, Clive Cadogan, on December 6, 2022 at Sulphur Rose Backdam, Cuyuni River.

According to Police the men were all employed by Hopkinson Mining when the incident took place.

Investigations have so far revealed that the younger Cadogan and the 31 year old suspect got into an argument on Monday, December 5, 2022 which evolved into a fight over the suspect’s girlfriend.

However, “Clive was awakened the next morning around 6:00 hrs by the suspect shaking his bed. The suspect then proceeded to chop him in the back of the neck with a cutlass. Clive's brother (the deceased), who was in the same camp, intervened, and the suspect dealt him one chop to the right shoulder before fleeing.”

The brothers were then rushed to Aurora compound for medical attention, but Raphael succumbed upon arrival.

The body of the deceased was examined, and a gaping wound on his right shoulder and above his armpit was observed. The body was escorted to the Memorial Funeral Home, where it awaits a PME.

The suspect was apprehended and is currently in police custody. The cutlass used was discovered at the scene of the crime, and the scene was photographed and processed by investigators.


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