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The Guyana Fire Service has observed that in this year, there were more fires deliberately set as against fires caused by other factors. This has become a worry for fire officials.

According to statistics from the Guyana Fire Service, 248 fires were deliberately set. The acts of arson accounts to a 32 percent increase in the number of reports when compared to the previous period last year.

In addition, the force reported that 64 fires were maliciously set this year. That figure shows a five percent increase. Against this backdrop, the fire service says it is now worried about this new trend.

Fire Chief Gregory Wickham when asked by MTV News Update said, “We have noticed a significant increase in fires by persons or persons unknown that there is something that bothers our minds as firefighters. We plan therefore to have programs that are more educational and we have been extensively training members of the fire service but also members of the public.”

The Guyana Fire Service for 2022 has received a total of 646 calls, illustrating a 17 percent increase in reports to the hotline. According to the Fire Chief, the demand for the fire service to tend to emergencies has increased, and as such, so has their capacity.

“We have been moving to the different communities also and having auxiliary fire fighters trained, we went to Wakenaam, we went to Leguan, and that will be extended to all the other communities. Because we want to make people more aware… Of what dangers a fire can cause.” The Fire Chief said.

Despite the increase, other categories of fires have seen a major decrease. Fires caused by an external electrical origin saw a 2 percent decrease. Fires from an internal electrical origin saw a 21 percent decrease in reports.


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