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$300K bail for Cook busted with marijuana in handbag

Charged: Kean Cort

Thirty-six-year-old Kean Cort, who was busted with over 300 grams of marijuana in her handbag, was granted $300,000 bail after being slapped with a drug trafficking charge on Monday.

Cort, a cook of Yarrowkabra, Soesdyke/Linden Highway, was hauled before Magistrate Crystal Lambert in the Bartica Magistrate’s Court and pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The court heard that on September 16, 2022, at Bartica Stelling, she had 353 grams of marijuana in her possession for the purpose of trafficking. After bail was granted, Cort was ordered to make another court appearance on October 21.

Reports are that Police acting on information received, went to the Bartica Stelling, where an inbound passenger speedboat was in the process of being moored.

Ten passengers disembarked the speedboat and were instructed to hold their respective properties, and were escorted to the Bartica Police Station.

A search was conducted on everyone at the Police Station, and the 36-year-old cook was found with a compressed bulky plastic parcel containing a quantity of leaves, seeds, and stems suspected to be cannabis in her handbag.

She was cautioned and told of the offence committed and denied ownership of the drugs. She reportedly told Police that she was taking the bag for a friend.


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