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3 years behind bars for Vendor who stole shotgun, cartridges from Sheriff guard

Charged: Mewali Clark

A plantain chip vendor has been sentenced to three years imprisonment after admitting to stealing a shotgun and cartridges from a Sheriff Security Guard.

33-year-old Mewali Clark of Section ‘A’ Pattensen, Greater Georgetown, appeared before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.

Reports are that on December 25, 2022, at Bel Air Avenue, Georgetown, he stole one 12- gauge HDM Escobar shotgun valued at $350,000 and three cartridges worth $3,000 from Toussaint Williams, the property of Sheriff Security Service.

Williams was on duty at Bel Air Avenue on the day in question when he began to vomit. At the same time, Clark was passing by.

Clark invited Williams into the residence to assist him in getting clean. The security guard left the man in the guard hut with the gun and went for a bucket of water.

When he returned, he did not notice the gun or the man. As a result, Williams raised an alarm and reported the matter to the police, and an investigation was launched.

Acting on information received, the accused was arrested the same day in Plum Park, Sophia, where he identified where he had buried the gun and cartridges.

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