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3 months later: 16-year-old still missing; Mother still hopeful he is alive

It has been three months since 16-year-old Akeem Bissoon mysteriously disappeared from Aruwai Airstrip, Region Seven. There is still no sign of him to date but his mother Jennifer Henry is still hopeful she will be reunited with him.

The Sophia teen vanished from his uncle’s camp in Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni) around 17:00 hours on June 14, 2022.

"I still hoping and trusting god that them know where he deh, them know exactly what happen to he […] I still ain’t giving up because I ain’t get no evidence that he died up to now so there is still is a possibility maybe he’s still alive sometime,” the emotional mother expressed on Wednesday.

Akeem’s Uncle Andrew Harlequin last saw Bissoon on June 14.

According to the uncle, the youth was sitting outside his camp when he was cooking. Harlequin reportedly turned his back for a few minutes and when he looked and called for his nephew, he was nowhere to be seen.

Following his disappearance, only his slippers and phone were found where he was last observed sitting.

Henry had contended that Harlequin’s recollection of how her son went missing was contradicting as he first told her the boy was missing on June 15. However, he had told her sister and nephew that he had been missing since June 14.

Harlequin was detained for 72 hours but was released due to insufficient evidence linking him to Bissoon's disspearance.

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