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2nd Annual Speaker’s Youth Debate opens with moot “A Collective voice for Guyana’s youth is illusive

The moot that the teams debated on was ‘A collective voice for Guyana’s Youths is illusive’.

The Linden group said that having the voices of youths playing a role in the economy may be conflicting. However, taking the opposition, the Golden OM said that already youths are a key factor in the country’s economic development.

What this theme simply means is that the concept of youth’s voice playing a role in Guyana’s development is just a gimmick and similar views were shared by proposing - Youth opposition member Sharmella Soloman.

Ms. Soloman explained that this move is not a negative step as youths are often influenced by outside sources, which she believes can eventually lead to youths making decisions that may have a negative impact in the future.

“Giving excessive power to youth is conflicting to the economy, high and nearly impossible demands will be made by opportunists and this will disrupt the structure flow of Guyana’s system,'' the vibrant youth Parliamentarian told the National Assembly.

However, opposing member Sherryann Mangru maintains that the voices of youths are being heard and acted upon as she posited that the majority of the current Members of Parliament are youths.

According to Mangru, youths in Guyana are considered persons ranging from the age of 14 to 35 years.

“According to data obtained by the Inter –parliamentary Union in 2021, over 25% of current parliamentarians are in the youth bracket. Members of the proposition, isn't this indicative that youths are participating in decision making?” she posited.

In the end, the Golden OM Youth Group came out victorious with 798 points while the Linden Super Stars gained 662 points.

This is the second year that both of the teams are participating. The aim of this debate is to bring youth closer to Parliamentary Affairs.

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