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27 prisoners graduate from anger management programme

The 27 graduates pose for a photograph.

Twenty-seven inmates from the Lusignan and Georgetown B Prisons graduated on Thursday last after completing a 12- week Anger Management Programme.

Empower Guyana conducted the programme, and the inmates are now considered “Peace Ambassadors.”

One of the inmates who graduated.

Family members of the graduates expressed appreciation and support for the efforts to rehabilitate their loved ones.

The Guyana Prison Service (GPS) has revealed that the programme thus far has resulted in a significant reduction in violence between inmates.

Officer in Charge of Prisoners’ Welfare and Corrections, Marielle Bristol- Grant explained that enhancing inmates’ ability to manage their emotions is paramount to promoting peace within the various prison environment, given the fact that they live among people of different walks of life, with varying morals and values.

Meanwhile, the Officer in Charge of the Lusignan and Georgetown B Prison (ag) SOP Carlton Cameron commended the inmates on their commitment to the class and highlighted the change in their general behaviour within the prison.

Director of Prisons Nicklon Elliot reminded inmates of the transition to Corrections and the emphasis that has been placed on training programmes.

Director of Prisons Nicklon Elliot along with an inmate.

They were urged to practice coping skills and diffusion tactics learned during the twelve-week programme to promote peace within the prison and when they return to society.

To this end, the GPS said that the anger management programme is currently ongoing at all prison locations.


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