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22-year-old confesses to Black Bush Polder double murder

The Police in Berbice are making headways in solving the gruesome killing of an elderly Yakusari Black Bush Polder couple, who was found dead in the lower flat of their home earlier today.

Dead are 67-year-old Subnauth Budraj and his wife, 65-year-old Saraswattie Budraj. The prime suspect is a 22-year-old male from the same community.

He told detectives that they had ventured to the couple’s home to execute a robbery, but after the victims recognised him, a decision was taken to kill them and burn any traces of his presence at the location. In his confession to cops, he also implicated a 27-year-old male.

Detectives also recovered several stolen items from the victims in the prime suspect's house. Among the items recovered were a gold chain with one of the victim's names, phone cards, cash, along with other valuable items.

Regional Commander Shivpersaud Bacchus told the media that the suspect revealed that he had set fire to the building and then released gas from the gas bottles in the area. This caused the explosion heard by villagers, who went and put out the blaze.

Thus far, the Police have arrested seven persons, including the 22-year-old who confessed.


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