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$1B in fuel theft, police to investigate: “They have to go after the mastermind – Jagdeo

Two ex-Guyana Defence Force (GDF) ranks, Terry Milling and Delon Wilson, along with businessman Gangadeo Sridat were charged in December of 2021 for conspiring with persons unknown to commit a felony by stealing $745M worth of fuel, property of the GDF.

Milling and Wilson were responsible for producing fuel on behalf of the GDF from GuyOil. However, the Auditor General’s 2020 report revealed that $745 million worth of fuel had not been received.

In fact, it was revealed that an unauthorised vehicle continued to receive millions of dollars in fuel on the GDF’s behalf.

During a recent press conference, Vice President Dr Bharrat Jagdeo said he is shocked that the masterminds behind this scheme have not been charged, some two years later.

“Now, Mr. Ram was doing an audit, but what struck me is that the masterminds were not charged, these are small people.”

“You recall the correspondence from Winston Jordan […] you recall about how and to whom fuel should be given and that angle, the mastermind angle was never investigated because I’m sure these were the people who were just executing it, they were doing it for others,” the Vice President asserted.

Jagdeo told members of the media that the government would write to the Guyana Police Force (GPF) requesting a further investigation into this matter.

“Because it seems as though because we don’t do like what happened with the last SOCU, call them and say you go after this.”

“It doesn’t mean we have forgotten; maybe we just moved on a bit because we’re busy with other issues, but they have to go after the mastermind, especially when now when I see the masterminds have become church boys and suddenly, they’re the cleanest people in the world,” Jagdeo added.

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