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14 year who went missing after leaving for washroom returns home safely

Simeon and his aunt Sylvanna

Fourteen year old Simeon went missing just over a week ago in the vicinity of Regent and King Streets where his aunt, Sylvanna Selby is a vendor.

Last week his aunt was seeking the public’s help for the safe return of her nephew after he left to use the washroom but never returned. However, his aunt who was elated Wednesday when she informed MTV News Update that Simeon has returned home safely.

The woman related that around 16:00hrs Tuesday afternoon, Simeon showed up at one of his aunt’s homes.

“One of his other aunt told me yesterday that he came by her house and he ask her to give me a call,” the woman said.

Though the aunt did not go into detail as to where the teen disappeared, she was very happy that her “baby” has returned home and is in good hands now.

“Yesterday I found Simeon and I am so happy that he is in one piece again and I thank everyone for being there to assist me as well.’

MTV News Update previously reported that the teen who attends the Tucville Secondary School was helping Selby sell when he told her he was leaving to go to the washroom at a store on Regent Street. After some time had passed and the teen did not return, she went to check for him but he was nowhere in sight.

However, when she tried to locate the teen she was unable to do so.


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