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Infectious Diseases Hospital (Photo: DPI)

The Minister of Health continues to encourage vaccination as the Covid-19 pandemic lingers even two years later.

Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony disclosed during Tuesday’s Covid Update that there have been 13 news Covid cases.

The Health Minister is currently monitoring 166 active cases across Guyana.

There have been 11 hospitalisations, one of which is in the Intensive Care Unit at the Infectious Diseases hospital.

He noted that vaccines can help prevent the spread of the virus, as well as save you from long term side effects of the virus.

“You can take the vaccine even after you’ve been infected. Whether or not at that point the vaccine would help to prevent long covid, that’s a little bit different. Because if you have been infected already, the chances are you can develop long covid. So at that point the vaccine would not be very helpful. But if you took the vaccine and then got infected, there have been studies that have shown that the chances of getting long covid are significantly reduced.”

In addition to Vaccination sites being accessible to the public across the country, the Health Ministry has made mobile home visits for Covid-19 vaccination available in Region 4.

Children or adults with health conditions, whether mental or physical, which render them unable to leave homes are eligible for home vaccination.

Children or adults with illness or injury which don’t allow for them to leave home are also eligible.

Children or adults who require assistance due to a disability are also able to access this service by booking an appointment with the Ministry of Health on telephone number 226-3110 or mobile number 632-1385.

Available covid vaccines include Pfizer, Sinopharm, Johnson and Johnson and Moderna.

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