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11 year old girl found dead under tree in backyard

Family members are in a state of shock and disbelief after 11 year old Tinesha Johnson of No. 50 Village Corentyne was found dead in her mother’s backyard earlier today.

The discovery was made by her mother at about 9:00 hours.

Mother of the deceased, 35 year old Latoya Lavric told investigators that she left her four children at home and went to buy fish from a fish van on the No. 50 Village Public Road, which was about 150 ft away.

She revealed that while waiting for the van, her nine year old son approached her and informed her that something was wrong with his sister. The woman immediately rushed back to her home where she discovered her daughter lying motionless under a hammock which was tied under a fruit tree at the back of the yard.

At the time, blood oozing from her nose. Lavric picked up her daughter and rushed to Skeldon Public Hospital, where she was examined by a doctor on duty who pronounced her dead on arrival.

Investigations are ongoing.


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