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10 new COVID cases discovered in the past day, 19 persons hospitalised; 5 in the ICU

Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony during today’s COVID-19 update revealed that only 10 new COVID-19 cases were discovered during the last 24 hours.

Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony.

There are currently 277 active COVID-19 cases in Guyana. 143 cases are found in region four, 21 in region 8, 20 in region 2 and region 1 with 18 cases. Minister Anthony stated, “of the 277 active cases, we also have 19 of those persons in the hospital and 18 are at the ocean view with 5 of them requiring ICU care.”

The Health Minister says the ministry has been recording a decline in testing compared to January when there was an influx of persons coming to get tested.

“I think it’s just a lot of people not coming forward to be tested," the Minister said. Meanwhile, 84.6% of the adult population have received a dose of a vaccine while 64.5% have been fully vaccinated. A mere 46.2% of the adolescent population received a dose while 33.5 % are fully vaccinated. Only 52,688 persons have received their booster doses.


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