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10,098 persons under the age of 19 were infected with COVID-19

Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony has revealed that since the coronavirus pandemic started in Guyana, 4,647 males and 5,431 females were infected with COVID-19.

This means that a total of 10,078 persons under the age of 19 would have been infected with the deadly disease. According to the Health Minister, this represents 15% of the total number of cases Guyana have recorded since the pandemic reached Guyana's shores. Guyana’s total number of COVID cases so far amounts to 63,202.

Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony.

A total of 722 males and 702 females in the 0 to 4 age category, 944 males and 907 females in the 5 to 9 category, 1168 males and 1340 females in the 10 to 11 age category would have been infected with the virus. In the 15 to 19 age group, some 1813 males and 2482 females would have gotten infected. Meanwhile, the Health Minister said it is important that children return to face-to-face classes since they would have been out of school for two years. However, he says the vaccination uptake in children 12 to 17 has been staggering. Dr Anthony is reminding us that the safest way to return to school is by taking the COVID-19 vaccines.

“One way of returning safely to school is for children to be vaccinated and maybe before the returning it would be a good time for parents to make sure that children be vaccinated," he stated. With regards to children ages 5 to 11, the Health Minister advised that parents should ensure that their children wear masks when they return to schools as the ministry works to procure vaccines for this age group.


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