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Mobile trucks to enhance food security in Rupununi

Poultry farming pen set up at outreach in North Rupununi (Photo: Rupununi Livestock Producers Association)

Mobile trucks will be introduced next year to improve food security by making locally grown food more accessible at a cheaper rate across the Rupununi.

The Sustainable Wildlife Management (SWM) project in Guyana supports food security and traditional livelihoods of persons in the Rupununi through coordinated community-driven initiatives.

SWM Country Coordinator Oswin David says the addition of mobile trucks within the next few months will aid these efforts.

“In year five, we want to introduce what we call the mobile trucks. So instead of persons travelling 70km, 120km […] to come to our central office which is in Lethem, we will be going to them, selling our products. If they need assistance in veterinary help, we will be providing that free of cost of course. If they need chicken feed, if they need hatcheries, eggs or layers – instead of coming we bring that to their door.”

The supply of locally grown meat is an initiative done in collaboration with the Rupununi Livestock Producers Association (RLPA)’s “Local meat you just can’t beat” campaign.

This encourages consumption of locally produced meat, discouraging the purchase of imported meats as an alternative to wild meat and fish.

A major challenge to this has been the wide expanse of the Rupununi, known for its tough trails, making it difficult to transport meat across the region.

David says the mobile trucks will be very beneficial here.

“Rainy season is very rough and the terrain of the region is very rough as well so that would help them and I know it will be very positive. I can’t wait to see the end results of it.”


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