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Education ministry to consult with stakeholders on outdated school rules

- "Some of the rules do not belong in this ‘new’ Guyana" – Manickchand

Minister of Education Priya Manickchand says the ministry will be engaging stakeholders in the education sector as part of its plan to update the school rules concerning hairstyle mandates and other issues.

The Education Minister during an interview on a morning radio show Jump Start said these rules have been affecting children’s learning and have no place in modernised Guyana.

Manickchand’s statement comes after a controversy erupted concerning a memo that was put out by the ministry regarding girls' hairstyles.

The memo seeks to grant one-day permission for the relaxing of hairstyle regulations so girls can wear their hair however they desire for International Women’s Day.

Minister Manickchand said, “We have to also understand that we can’t make policies that are unwelcomed by the people who will use them and so everybody has a role to play in how we're going to shape this new Guyana and what your conversion will be.”

She explained that she is bound to have consultations with all stakeholders to put a framework in place to suit everyone's needs.

“On issues like hairstyle and cellphone usage and how you dress, I believe we can hear from people and I think it is not only useful to hear but I am seeing releasing hurt from their days in school and how this bothered them and nobody listened to them at that time,” Manickchand noted.

The Ministry of Education is collecting all outdated rules from schools to determine which are relevant in today’s society.


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