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“Attractive opportunities” coming for healthcare workers as Minister projects high retention rate

Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony

Healthcare workers over the years have been migrating from Guyana to seek better opportunities overseas.

But Minister of Health Dr Frank Anthony promised massive transformation within the sector and was keen to recognise that achieving this would require a strong and large team of healthcare workers to back them.

Even though most persons migrate after receiving training locally, Dr Anthony said he believes this will not be the case in the next few years as massive “opportunities” will be available within this sector. Dr Anthony highlighted that healthcare workers are essential to the country.

“With the transformation happening in health and the types of things we are putting in, the systems we are putting in, the opportunities that people are going to have here, I don’t think people are going to want to migrate as much because these opportunities are going to become very attractive,” he said.

The Minister boasted of the number of opportunities already being provided to healthcare workers.

The Ministry has been providing training for several categories of healthcare workers/. In 2021, these workers benefitted from a 7% increase and a payout of $400 million.

The Government has also committed to improving the lives of public servants continuously.

Additionally, Dr Anthony assured these workers that quality and modern equipment would be available to provide first-class healthcare services to all Guyanese.

In the coming years, citizens can expect to see the construction of several new hospitals, which will massively transform the healthcare sector.


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