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After hours of questioning, Dharamlall released on $500k station bail

Dharamlall and his attorney Bernard Da Silva as they headed into the Cove and John Police Station [Photo: News Source]

After being held for several hours for questioning, former Minister of Local Government and Regional Development Nigel Dharamlall was released on $500,000 station bail on Tuesday.

Dharamlall, who was recently elected Executive Member of the People’s Progressive Party, surrendered to Police at the Cove and John Police Station on Tuesday following a report of sexual assault and cyberbullying by a woman.

MTV News Update understands that as part of bail, Dharamlall is required to report to the Cove and John Police Station every Wednesday. He was accompanied by his attorney, Bernard Da Silva.

The Guyana Police Force (GPF) on Monday confirmed that the former Minister is under “active investigation” in connection with a report of sexual assault.

Last week, the woman accused Dharamlall of sexually assaulting her and even cyberbullying her. He has since dismissed what he described as “malicious” accusations aimed at “sully” his good name. Only a year ago, Dharamlall faced allegations of raping a schoolgirl. The schoolgirl later issued a no further action statement.



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