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US donates over 12,000 Pfizer vaccines to Guyana; 50,000 more to arrive next week - Health Minister

The Ministry of Health on Tuesday received a shipment of over 12,000 Pfizer vaccines from the government of the United States of America to boost the nation’s fight against the covid-19 pandemic. This donation follows the announcement of the US Ambassador to Guyana Sarah-Ann Lynch who said her government would be donating Pfizer vaccines with ‘as many as Guyana needs’. Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony during the handing over ceremony thanked the US government for the donation and noted that another 50,000 doses will arrive within a week.

Another 50,000 doses is expected to arrive within a month also. “We have enough vaccines, now I know that people have grown very complacent because it’s about two years now since we have been doing this. And some people feel, ‘well I don’t need to get a vaccine shot.’ But the virus itself is mutating and with the Omicron variant […] you can get reinfected with Ba4 or Ba5.” To avoid reinfection, the Health Minister stressed the importance of get a booster shot and urged persons to be boosted. Meanwhile, Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch revealed that this brings the total number of vaccines donated to Guyana to 301, 860. According to her, the United States has also donated over US$800,000 to Guyana in COVID-19 related assistance, from the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Department of Defense. “So we are just thrilled to be doing this here today but as you know, having the vaccine doesn’t mean getting vaccinated, so we continue to encourage people to come out,…it’s very very important.”


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