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Sparks from angle grinder led to explosion of reservoir; One dead, one seriously injured

Destroyed Reservoir structure

The police in Berbice are investigating the circumstances surrounding an explosion that left 52 year old Oliver France dead and 25 year old Jamal Rose of No. 50 Village Corentyne, Berbice seriously injured.

The incident occurred at about 9:35 hours at lot 61 Leeds Village Corentyne Berbice.

MTV News Update was told that the two men were hired by an overseas based Guyanese to clean a reservoir and to patch a leak. The men then decided to use tar to patch the leak but it continued which led the men to drain the receptacle and use gasoline to remove the tar from the inside.

However, while doing so, another male was in the area using an angle grinder which caused sparks to come into contact with the reservoir causing it to explode, killing Oliver almost instantly.

A sister in law of the deceased disclosed that she was told that while Oliver was at work, a loud explosion was heard and upon investigating the entire water reservoir was seen damaged and the concrete structure broken into pieces and scattered about the place.

Sister-in-law of deceased

She said the two men were also discovered lying on the ground in the area where the reservoir was situated with multiple injuries to their bodies.

Both men were rushed to the Skeldon Hospital where France was pronounced dead by a doctor and Rose was transferred to the New Amsterdam Regional Hospital where he was admitted in critical condition.

The deceased was described as a jovial individual who does not get into problems with anyone. He has left to mourn four children.

Investigations are continuing.


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