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Skeletal remains found in Berbice Canefield

Skeletal remains were found on Tuesday morning at Enterprise ‘A ‘Field, East Canje, Berbice.

Devpersaud Hublall, a 41-year-old Security Sergeant, and Deon Victor, a 56-year-old Security Constable attached to Rose Hall Estate, made the unsettling report to Reliance Police Station around 08:30h.

Police were dispatched to the location, and on arrival, a security guard pointed out an area inside of the canefield where the remains, which included a skull, bones, and what appeared to be '’human mains’ were seen.

A cane harvester told investigators that he was working in the area at about 07:45 h when he made the discovery. He informed the field foreman, who notified the police. Investigations are ongoing.


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