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“Remember you are serving the people,” VP tells 3,000 new part-time employees in Reg. 6

Vice President Bharrat Jagdeo has urged the government’s part-time employees to remember that they are serving the people and they must act accordingly.

[Photo: VP Facebook Page]

He made these statements in Region Six as 3,000 persons signed their contracts with the government to commence working under the part-time job initiative.

VP Jagdeo reminded the newly employed persons that they are not getting free money from the government but instead, they are providing service.

Vice President Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo in Region Six. [Photo: VP Facebook Page]

“This programme is an important programme for the people, but it is not the end. It is a stepping stone to bigger things…you’re working for the government now, so you have to have the attitude in those 10 days that you work; you’re there to serve people. You can’t take an attitude into the workplace,” Jagdeo stated.

The successful applicants will work in the various government ministries and agencies within Region Six for 10 days each month. They will be paid $40,000.

Although the income is not that high, Jagdeo said it would ease the hardship caused by the high cost of living in Guyana.

[Photo: VP Facebook Page]

“I wish you all the best; I hope you make full use of this opportunity and the other opportunities that are there. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.”

According to the former President, with the overwhelming interest, the 50,000 employment opportunities that were in the manifesto would now be doubled.

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