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PRICE INCREASE AT GUYOIL PUMP- Bus operators say is "putting pressure on them"

GUYOIL on Monday announced another increase in price of fuel. This is the second increase for this month. Earlier this month the gas price stood at $239 per litre. Now today, they issued another notice announcing an $18 increase. This means that gas now stands at $254 per litre.

MTV News Update spoke with a few motorists who expressed their concern about the continuous increases. The motorists said that it is “putting pressure on them.”

To this end, the operators believe that an increase in fare would help to cushion the impact of the price hikes. The Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce is the authority that will determine if a fare increase will be given the greenlight.

Guyana is not the only country faced with increases at the fuel stations as many other countries in the world are also facing this challenge as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

To combat the increase locally, the Government announced the removal of the excise tax on diesel and gasoline.


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