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President Ali signs MOU with Brazil and Suriname.

-To develop regional energy corridor

Guyana’s Head of State, Dr. Irfaan Ali last August signaled his interest to develop a regional energy corridor using natural gas reserves.

The Head of State during his address at the Caribbean Sustainable Energy Conference held on Monday, said this has been finalized through the signing of an Memorandum of Understanding with Suriname’s President Chandrika Persaud Santhoki and Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro.

The three parties inked the MOU during their visit to Suriname, Thursday last.

Dr. Ali said such an MOU is critical at this point of time in an effort to achieve “net zero” by 2050.

He noted this MOU paves way for a number of benefit for the tripartite parties.

To explore the development of an energy corridor of our respective states there are many benefits of this project aim to integrate our energy system. It will promote energy security, assuring the availability of energy to meet present and future demand"

he said

Furthermore he highlighted this will pave a way for foreign investors to build their confidence among other the parties.

Such integration will be a boost to the confidence of foreign investors who desire guarantees of stable, reliable and affordable energy “

President Ali is also urging other Caribbean States to develop strategies that will pave ways to diversify the current generation towards “cleaner energy”

President Ali has reaffirmed Guyana’s commitment towards achieving net zero by 2050.

“not because we have more forest than the damage our people do means we will not focus on achieving net zero by 2050”


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