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President Ali conducts site visit to Cummings Lodge Housing Development

President Irfaan Ali on Thursday inspected the Cummings Lodge Housing Development Area, including the Cummings Lodge water treatment plants. He was accompanied my Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal.

Some $1.4 billion is being invested in developing the area.

Works being undertaken include land clearing, and the creation of road networks such as the Aubrey Barker Road.

The Cummings Lodge development will also unlock a commercial and medical zone at the southern end of the scheme.

The Head of State discussed possible areas for Joint Services outposts to benefit persons residing here.

Minister Croal highlighted that the Cummings Lodge Water Treatment Plant will be completed by the end of next year. Work on this massive water treatment plant has already commenced.

Notably, the access road at the southern end will interconnect with the East Bank – East Coast Road being constructed through the Ministry of Public Works. A number of roads linking the East Coast and the East Bank highways will also be completed within the next three years.

President Ali said this will be very convenient for persons arriving from the Ogle Airport as it will provide more roads for them to travel and reduce traffic congestion.


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