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Pregnant teen who died at GPHC was COVID-19 positive – source

Dead: 16-year-old, Dana Pestano

Sixteen-year-old Dana Pestano, a pregnant teen who died at the Georgetown Public Hospital on Wednesday, was COVID-19 positive.

MTV News Update was reliably informed that the teen, who was six months pregnant, arrived at the health institution in a very critical state. A COVID-19 test was performed, and it came back positive, according to the source.

On Tuesday last, Dana was rushed to the West Demerara Regional Hospital (WDRH) after complaining of difficulties in breathing.

Her mother, Diana Pestano, had related that her daughter was asthmatic. She said that after rushing her to the WDRH, the baby's heartbeat could not be found, and the doctor administered medication and oxygen and sent her daughter home.

The following day, the teen's health deteriorated, and she was rushed back to the WDRH, where she was given oxygen and medication.

With no sign of her condition improving, she was transferred to the GPHC, where she died at about 21:00h.

The teen's mother has already cast the blame for her daughter's death at the foot of the WDRH. She believes that her daughter was not given the best care.

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