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Port Kaituma to get new stelling to house MV Ma Lisha vessel

The recently launched MV Ma Lisha

Port Kaituma in Region One is expected to get a new stelling, which would be used for the US$12.7 MV Ma Lisha vessel, which would ply the North West route.

“In a very short while, we will have to build a stelling here in Port Kaituma to facilitate the MV Ma Lisha,” Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill revealed during a recent community engagement.

“We are proud as a government that we are able to do the big things and we are able to do the small things.”

According to Edghill, the stelling will assist residents with the smooth flow of goods into the Region.

MV Ma Lisha was built from scratch by an Indian firm to the tune of US$12.7. It was launched on June 15, 2022, in Kolkata, India, by the Public Works Minister.

The ferry, once completed, will be able to accommodate 294 passengers from Georgetown to North West. It will also host 10 containers, 14 vehicles, and two fully loaded trucks. It also can 250 tonnes.

Currently, two vessels ply the North West route, and on average, it takes approximately 24 hours to make the trip. The new vessel will cut the travel time by half, bringing relief to residents of the North West.

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