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Norton and Lawrence headed to Parliament

- Granger confirms he has written GECOM on the extraction of the names

Representative of the APNU+AFC Top-Up list, Former President David Granger has submitted the names of two members of the APNU party to the Chief Elections Officer Vishnu Persaud requesting that he extracts the names submitted by him.

Aubrey Norton, Leader of the PNCR

The two persons nominated by the Former Head of State are Leader of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) Aubrey Norton and party member Volda Lawrence.

The positions for the two seats became vacant following Former Education Minister Nicolette Henry’s resignation from the National Assembly in early February and Former Director of the Ministry of President Joseph Harmon’s in March.

A release issued to the media on Monday, 4th April 2022 stated that a letter was submitted on the said day which indicated that both parties in the coalition have agreed for the duo to represent them in Parliament.

However, after this announcement, it was reported in some sections of the media that the signature on the letter was not that of Former President Granger.

Following this media attention the Public Relations officer for Mr Granger, Royden James issued a statement on his behalf rejecting the claims made in the media.

Volda Lawrence

According to James' statement “the letter sent to the CEO is authentic with an authentic electronic signature of the representative of the list. It must be noted that since the beginning of this process, the Representative of the list has used this signature when communicating with the Chief Elections Officer.”

Gecom: With Mr Granger now writing to the GECOM chairperson it is now up to the commission to determine whether these persons can be elected and indicate that to the Head of the list (Mr Granger) who then corresponds with the speaker. The nominee is then sworn in by the Speaker.

The speaker will then hold a meeting with all the Opposition MPs for them to determine who will be the next opposition leader. Aubrey Norton is expected to lead the opposition party.


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