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National race of Champions hits South Dakota Circuit on Sunday

Fierce competition is expected at the National Race of Champions slated for this Sunday, July 17, at the South Dakota Circuit.

The Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC) is set to host Round Two of their Circuit Racing from 9 am sharp on Sunday, with tickets on sale for adults ($1000) and children ($500). Guyana’s top motorcar and motorbike circuit racers will be in action.

Mohamed Shiraz Roshandin, Vice President of the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC), said, “For the Group 4 class, we have Mark Vieira, Andrew King, the Jeffreys, and some of team CAMs competitors. In Group 3, we have the usuals; Vishok Persaud, Stefan Jeffrey, Danny Persaud, to name a few.”

This is only the second circuit race on this year’s calendar. The first circuit race was the “Quarter Mile Return,” which was also the first race of the year.

“Definitely, we’ll have more competitors, because the March event was just after getting out of the covid. Most of the guys didn’t have their cars prepared properly. They didn’t have cars ready for that event.”

Roshandin notes that the competitors’ and officials’ meetings have already concluded, and the grid will be packed as many new racers will be coming out this weekend.

The GMR&SC held a “track day” earlier this month, introducing newcomers to the sport. New racers emerging from this initiative will be on the circuit come Sunday, challenging the more seasoned racers.

“It’s a starting point. At least the grids will be more full. There will be more cars racing. They will have more followers too, so we’re expecting more spectators there.”

“Generally, motor racing is a very expensive sport, and there are lots of people who are interested in it. We’re reaching out to those people to get on board. Some of the guys who have cars that are already prepared, we’re making way for them to get into the sport.”

There will also be cash prizes offered for different classes due to the support from a number of sponsors, namely; Junior Sammy, Sheriff Medical Centre, Puran Brothers, Ready Mix Concrete, Beharry Automotive, Vitality Inc., and Team Wreckers.


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