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Mon Repos/La Reconnaissance NDC in talks with Agri Ministry to host Farmers Market monthly

The Minister of Agriculture along with several stakeholders on Sunday last partnered to host the first Farmers Market this year at the Lusignan Tarmac.

When contacted by News Update, Chairman of the Mon Repos/La Reconnaissance Neighborhood Democratic Council (NDC) Ayube Mohammed deemed this venture as a "huge success".

scene from the Farmers Market at Lusignan Tarmac(P.C CREDITS Ministry of Agriculture)

He said

"A lot of people came a lot of good PR was done and the people were out in their numbers and the prices were really really good cause the stuff was nine o'clock everyone was sell out."

When asked whether this venture was welcomed by residents and farmers the NDC chairman responded ”I know this farmer market here you will have to continue it because the people are really looking forward to it"

In addition to this, the NDC Chairman pointed out

"I’ve already spoken with them and they are going to see how best they can facilitate such" -referring to holding talks with personnel from the Ministry of Agriculture.

A farmer's market is an avenue where local farmers and growers are presented with the opportunity to sell their produce directly to the public.

The Agriculture Ministry has committed to rolling out similar ventures in other parts of the country.


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