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Missing body of boat captain recovered

Dead: Elick Alexander

The missing body of boat captain Elick Alexander, who was allegedly pushed overboard by two passengers, who appeared to be of unsound mind, was recovered on Sunday.

MTV News Update understands that the man’s body was recovered just about 10:00h this morning.

It was reported that the boat of which Alexander was the captain is owned by Leslie Orna, who resides overseas and operates from the Wismar to the Mackenzie shore.

At about 01:00h Saturday morning, Alexander was on the Mackenzie shore awaiting passengers when Brian Hermanstyne, a 25-year-old unemployed man of Amelia's Ward Mackenzie, and Elden Hermanstyne, a 24-year-old unemployed man of Red Cresent Road, Mackenzie, boarded the boat for Wismar shore.

The Hermanstyne brothers

While the boat was about 40 feet off the Wismar shore, Alexander was allegedly “pushed out” of the boat and submerged under the water.

The boat then proceeded north on the Demerara River. The matter was reported to the Police at 01:10h, and a party of policemen was dispatched to the scene.

One of the Policemen mounted a drone, and during an aerial search, the boat was located in the vicinity of Spieghtland.

The boat was then brought to shore along with the two suspects, and they were told of the allegation, arrested, and escorted to Wismar Police Station and placed in custody.


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