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Men caught sitting under tree with over 29 grams of ganja remanded

Three men, who were caught sitting under a tree with 29,600 grams of marijuana, were on Wednesday slapped with drug trafficking charges.

Tejlall Tejpaul, called ‘Bamboo,’ Anand Jagat, called ‘Driver’ and Tomeshwar Kemraj, called ‘Rambo, were hauled before Magistrate Alex Moore in the Number 51 Magistrate’s Court.

Jagat and Kemraj denied the charge, while Tejpaul pleaded guilty, which stated that on October 10, 2022, at Johanna, Black Bush Polder, Corentyne, Berbice, they had 29,600 grams of marijuana in their possession for the purpose of trafficking.

The trio was remanded to prison, and the case was adjourned to October 19, 2022, for sentencing and report.

On the day in question, Police carried out an intelligence-led operation at Johanna, Black Bush Polder, Corentyne, Berbice, where the men were arrested.

Reports are that the ranks covertly placed themselves at strategic points in the bush, where they observed the three men sitting underneath a tree next to a blue and orange tarpaulin with several bulky parcels.

After observing the three men for over ten minutes, the ranks advanced towards them tactically and were taken by surprise.

The ranks proceeded to open the bulky parcels, where they immediately observed a quantity of leaves, seeds, and stems suspected to be cannabis.

The men were told of the offence committed, cautioned, arrested, and escorted to the Police pick-up along with the suspected cannabis.


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