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Local company launches first telehealth app; to provide convenient health care for patients

Chief Executive Officer of OnCall Health, Dr. Kofi Dalrymple

OnCall Medical Solutions, Inc. a healthcare technology company and Guyana’s first mobile telehealth application company, HealthFirst have launched the first telehealth app in Guyana.

The app called ‘Healthfirst’ was developed locally and allows patients to easily connect with a doctor or medical practitioner at their convenience and receive care virtually.

According to OnCall Health, this joint effort will expand healthcare access in Guyana and increase convenience by creating the most advanced and widespread healthcare ecosystem in the country.

Chief Executive Officer Dr Kofi Dalrymple in an interview with News Update said

“It gives us access to health care at our fingertips and that’s really the purpose, to increase access across the country for people seeking medical advice, medical care, and they can do that through video, audio or through text.”

The public can have access to the web app at and can sign up for free as a patient. Persons do not have to pay a signup fee; however, they must pay a consultation fee to the medical personnel.

There is also a number that a patient can call if they have no internet to access the app.

HealthFirst offers a wide range of services including mental health care.

“So even if a person is feeling sad or depressed, they want somebody to talk to, automatically the app is going to start showing you Psychologists and Counsellors and things like that,”

the CEO explained.

Dr Dalrymple has assured that all the medical practitioners are certified and experienced,

“What we do, we call the medical council and we check all the qualifications and once they’re actually listed on the medical council, they’re good to practice medicine.”


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