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Lindeners must travel to GPHC for CT scans - Health Minister-Only 3 CT machines operable countrywide

Lindeners must travel to Georgetown to benefit from the services of a Computerised Tomography commonly referred to as a CT scan.

Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony today told the National Assembly that there are merely three operable CT machines in public hospitals countrywide, which does not include the Linden Hospital.

Responding to a series of questions by Opposition Parliamentarian, Jermaine Figuera, Dr Anthony revealed that the CT machines are located at the Georgetown Public Hospital, New Amsterdam Regional Hospital, and the other at the Bartica Regional Hospital.

He noted that persons in Region 10 must journey to Georgetown, should they require this diagnostic scan.

"Linden hospital, the persons there will be able to access the scans from Georgetown hospital once there's a need," Dr Anthony said.

However, Figuera bombarded the health Minister for failing to properly equip the Linden Hospital with such a critical machine. He also stressed about the burden of travel between Linden and Georgetown.

"Travelling to Georgetown is a challenge for a lot of people especially with the additional increase in the cost of living."

Currently, persons travelling from Georgetown to Linden and vice versa, pay $3,000 for a round trip with a car or $1,400 with a bus.

Meanwhile, Dr Anthony noted that several CT machines will be bought and installed in the short term.

"Over the next three years the government is committed to at least install 10 different CT machine in different hospitals across the country."

Despite repeated questions whether there will be a provision in the 2023 Budget, for the procurement of a CT machine for the Linden Hospital, no answer was given.


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