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Life sentence for man who fatally stabbed wife; wounded sister-in-law

Updated: May 27, 2022

Alex Douglas and Allison Bowen

Alex Douglas was today sentenced to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole after serving 20 years for the murder of his wife and the wounding of his sister-in-law back in 2012.

Douglas, 50, was sentenced by Justice Simone Morris-Ramlall in the Demerara High Court and pleaded guilty.

He admitted that on October 14, 2012, in the county of Demerara, he murdered Allison Bowen, 42, a mother of three. He also pleaded guilty to wounding the woman’s sister who went to her rescue.

When given a chance to address the court, Douglas, whom Attorney-at-Law Latchmie Rahamat represented, pleaded for mercy.

“I’m apologizing sincerely to the family, relatives, and friends of the deceased, especially her three children. It breaks my heart to know that the children have to grow up without parents,” a remorse Douglas said.

He added, “Your worship, I am sorry for everything that happened. I am very sorry for all the drama…I’m asking you, your worship, for the maximum mercy,” the confessed killer said.

The judge said she did not find the convict's remorse, noting that his action was premeditated.

In light of this, she handed him the life sentence while adding an eight-year prison sentence on the wounding charge. The sentences will run concurrently.

It was reported that the couple shared a rocky eight-year relationship which was filled with violent episodes by Douglas.

On the day in question, Douglas and his spouse had a misunderstanding during which he attempted to hit her with a hammer. He instead butted her to her head, leaving her forehead swollen.

He then left their home, and when he returned, he forced the woman to eat rat poison. When she refused, he whipped out a knife and stabbed her about the body before making good his escape.

Douglas was apprehended by Police the following morning while walking down Camp Street in Georgetown.

As Police ranks approached, he was seen putting something suspected to be a poisonous substance into his mouth. He was nevertheless apprehended and taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital for treatment.

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