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Lamaha's 'Safe Space' 90% completed, to be opened in time for Valentine's Day - Min. Edghill

Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill says the completion of phase one of the 'safe space' is 90% completed and final works will be completed soon. The ''safe space' will be created along the Lamaha Corridor where the old railway station was situated and it will be completed in time for Valentine’s Day.

"By this weekend, we should be rapping up everything there on the railway embankment between Camp and Parade Streets,"

Minister Edghill said.

Works ongoing on 'Safe Space'. (Stabroek News photo)

The area is considered to be a ‘safe space’ for citizens as sale of alcohol and the playing of music is prohibited. It will be fitted with benches, a green space, lights, and parking spaces on both sides of the walkway.

Minister of Public Works, Juan Edghill. (DPI's photo)

According to the Minister,

"when you get there, you can drive and park, come out of your car for Valentines, you could be able to walk down the entire paved area with the decorative blocks, there are lights on both sides and trees have already been planted."

Meanwhile, works have commenced on phase two of the project which runs from Parade to Main Street and this will be completed within two months’ time. A food court and an Art gallery will be established in this section. This project was conceptualised by President Dr. Irfaan Ali in 2021


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