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James Bond says he is reshaping his political platform; will return to political arena in 7 years

Well-known political activist James Bond has made it clear that he is no longer linked to any political party.

Bond, who was a former member of the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR), said that while he has a passion for politics, he is currently taking a break to “lay a foundation.”

Bond’s statement stemmed from a question asked as to why he did not contest for the leadership of the PNCR at their last Congress elections.

Bond simply said “he was not ready” but noted that he would come back stronger because he has a plan.

“I am working on my seven-year plan. I am laying a foundation. So what I am doing now is laying that foundation, so Guyana knows who I am, and I am gonna take another knock at politics, but for now, I won’t be contesting or challenging for any political office,” he posited on the Gildarie- Freddie show.

Bond said the aim of this plan is to truly educate Guyana about what his ideology is. “I’m trying to show the Guyanese people that you can belong to any political party and still have an independent view. You could still love your country; equally, you can still object when your party goes wrong or commend the other party when they go right,” he said.

In the meantime, Bond said that you could expect him as a person who stands for a fair and equal Guyana.

In the last few months, Bond has been seen carrying out numerous charitable services while also engaging youths.

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