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‘It’s been a long road’, Hemp farmers commend tabling of Hemp Bill

Co-Chairman of the Guyana Hemp Industries Michael Kirton told News Update on Wednesday that they are relieved that the long awaited Hemp Bill has been tabled, signalling the development of a hemp industry in the country.

Kirton and fellow hemp farmers have been lobbying for the past seven years with little to no effort from the past administration.

He said, “it’s been a long road, the last administration did nothing [...] I am so happy that I don’t have words to describe how happy and grateful I am to the Government of Guyana. We have really quickly and swiftly done something that the nation all look forward to.”

Kirton noted that the Guyana Hemp Industries, an overseas funded organisation would work along with the Government once the bill is passed to ensure a lucrative hemp industry is developed.

Already, investors have committed to investing and developing this new industry.

“Over the last 24 hours, I have had about six calls, as a matter of fact a team will be coming today for the exhibition and summit and also to discuss their involvement in investing in the hemp industry in Guyana,” Kirton told News Update.

Meanwhile, Horatio Marcus, a farmer, said he could not describe how he feels but said he is “very grateful as a farmer [...] I could see success at the end of the road.”

A hemp booth will be at the highly anticipated Agri Investment Forum and Expo, where hemp products will be on display. This exposition is open to the public from 14:00 hours to 19:00 hours on Thursday.

The Agri Investment Forum and Expo at the ACCC.

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