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“I hope that justice will be served,” says mother of businessman who killed reputed wife

Tasina Dazzle and Quincy Roache in happier times

The mother of businessman Quincy Roache, who stabbed his reputed wife 13 times on Friday last, said she feels betrayed and unwanted because her son did not call her for help before committing the heinous act.

In a Facebook post, the businessman’s mother, Karenandrea Kilkenny, explained that she raised her son to respect women and to protect and “not harm the people you love.”

“As a mother, I have no control of the evil that lurked in his mind. In retrospect, I wish my son had consulted me so that I could have advised him and render to him a peaceful solution,” the distraught mother said while noting that only God gives and takes life.

Describing herself as a feminist, a distressed Kilkenny highlighted that she was once a victim of violence. It is premised on this that she said she does not condone violence against women in any shape or form.

“I will continue to lash out at injustice against women and advocate on their behalf,” Kilkenny said.

“As the criminal justice system does its work, I hope that justice will be served andthat my son learns from this experience.”

Only yesterday, Roache was remanded to prison after being slapped with a murder charge by Magistrate Rochelle Liverpool in the Sparendaam Magistrate’s Court.

The charge against the 36-year-old businessman is that on August 26, at Ujamma Housing Scheme, LBI, he murdered 28-year-old Tasina Dazzle. He will make another court appearance on October 14, 2022.

The Court heard that Dazzle and Roache shared a rocky common-law relationship, with dispute being the order of the day.

Dazzle’s cousin, who lives next door, had told investigators that she was woken by loud screaming on the day in question. Upon investigating, she said she saw her cousin running out of her yard and onto her bridge, where she collapsed.

MTV News Update understands that the woman 6-year-old son from another relationship witnessed the gruesome stabbing.

After stabbing the woman, the businessman joined a minibus, and made good his escape heading in the northern direction.

Later, he surrendered to the Turkeyen Police Station and was arrested and escorted to the Sparendaam Police Station, where he admitted to committing the heinous crime.

A Post Mortem Examination (PME) conducted on Dazzle’s remains revealed that she was stabbed 13 times.


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