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“I did not exercise diplomacy” - Charrandas Persaud apologises for verbal abuse of Indian woman

Charrandas Persaud

Charrandas Persaud has apologised for hurling derogatory remarks at an Indian animal rights activist Sonya Ghosh in August 2021.

In an apparent farewell on Christmas Day in India, Persaud explained that Ghosh has a Court order to feed and take care of stray dogs in the area.

According to Persaud, there are 60 stray dogs, but one would usually go into his yard and make a “mess.” As a result, he had the dog taken “far away.”

“The lady came to the security and asked about the dog. The Security said we took the dog away. She came the next day, and the security opened the gate to come get me, and this lady barged in behind the security, right up to my door, and bang on the door,” the former High Commissioner said.

The former Indian High Commissioner said the security guard managed to get Ghosh back to the gate, where she asked for the dog.

While at the gate, Persaud claimed that he was surprised by the expletives handed to him by the animal rights activist.

“The fs and the s and you are such a so-and-so dog, and I have to admit I responded in kind,” he stated.

“I believe women, all of you women here, would love to be deemed equal to men, you have equal facilities and everything. Well, if you're in a fight, and you pick a fight with a man is, you said no, you're a woman, I'm not going to fight with you. You want equality. Let's go to fight and see what happens.”

To this end, he noted he did what he did out of “anger” as he apologised to the “people of India, Guyana, and all diplomats.”

After his “yes” vote, which toppled the David Granger-led Administration, Persaud took the spotlight after the video of him verbally abusing the woman made its rounds on social media.

Though the incident reportedly occurred in August 2021, it only made its way on social media this year. In the video, Persaud was heard telling the woman, “You probably want the dog to f**k you; that is what you want. And I don’t care. I don’t care who you are…f**k you.”

The video sparked widespread condemnation of Persaud’s action. Shortly after, President Irfaan Ali confirmed that the former Member of Parliament (MP) had agreed to return home.

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