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“I am innocent,” says Selfieboss over rape allegation

Kelvin Fortune

After being released from Police custody, social media personality Kelvin Fortune, popularly known as “Selfieboss,” professed his innocence against the rape allegation levelled against him.

Fortune, 33, became the center of attention following a report that he allegedly drugged and raped a 20-year-old man, who has since taken his own life.

An investigation carried out by MTV News Update revealed that the man’s aunt, Tracy Sealy on August 20, made an official report to the Police, claiming that her nephew, on March 14, 2022, told her that he was drugged and raped by Fortune on January 8, 2022.

However, Fortune, in a Facebook live, said he voluntarily went to the East Ruimveldt Police Station in the company of his Attorney-at-Law Tuanna Hardy on Friday to “clear his name” but was arrested over the allegation.

The Police had requested to search Fortune’s home for the drugs used during the alleged act, but this proved futile. As a result, they told him he would be detained pending the investigation.

Dissatisfied with this, Fortune’s lawyer approached the High Court seeking to have her client released from Police custody.

Among other things, she argued that the Police have no evidence to suggest that the 33-year-old man committed the act, especially in light of the fact that the victim never lodged a report while alive.

In fact, she contended that her client’s arrest and continued detention is unjust, unreasonable, and an abuse of power by the Police.

She advanced that there is no basis in law or fact that Fortune is to be detained in custody pending the investigation. Moreover, she noted that the allegation used to arrest her client could not be an offence established in law since there is no victim.

Fortune was subsequently released, and in his Facebook live, he noted that the allegation is false.

“As you all know, the allegations which came against me it is false. Everything is false. I am innocent,” he stated.

To this end, he urged “news people” to desist from spreading rumors about him while noting, “To all my sponsors, friends, and followers, do not believe everything you see on the media.”


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