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Housing Min 'pushing' to complete Lot 1 Eccles/Diamond highway to ease traffic for Cricket Carnival

Photo: Sydel Thomas

The Ministry of Housing and Water is ‘pushing’ to complete Lot One of the Eccles to Diamond four-lane highway to ease traffic congestion along the East Bank corridor as Cricket Carnival approaches. This is according to Minister Collin Croal.

According to him, the Ministry is pushing for this to be done as they recognise there will be a greater volume of commuters during this inaugural event.

“What we have been doing and what will help the whole aspect is the pushing to complete Lot 1, and that is from Eccles to Providence, the Lot one for the same Eccles to Diamond four-lane,” Minister Croal remarked.

He added, “Lot 1 is expected to be completed ahead of the Cricket Carnival because we also expect an influx of persons coming in, so in addition to your regular East Bank traffic, you will have people traversing that vicinity for the cricket.”

Once completed, this phase of work will serve as an additional area to travel from the East Bank of Demerara to the City and onwards.

The Eccles to Diamond highway project is divided into 12 lots and will be linked to the Eccles to Mandela Avenue four-lane highway. The Guyana Police Force’s Traffic Department will also lend its support in traffic control during these events.

Cricket Carnival commences on September 16, featuring a wide array of events showcasing Guyana’s culture, people, and food. Additionally, the activities include the hosting of the CPL finals in Guyana.


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