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He vex he spent nuff money and didn’t get sex – Girls accused of robbing man $100K

Alishea Daniels, Reanna Hamilton and Kina Wao

The three females, who were taken into custody Saturday morning for allegedly robbing a Construction worker of $100,000, have broken their silence on what transpired.

In a video posted on Facebook, Reanna Hamilton, called ‘Katy,’ said the alleged victim Devon Abrams, was hanging with her when she introduced him to Kina Wao and Alishea Daniels.

She noted that Wao was celebrating her birthday, and Abrams asked her what she was drinking.

“However, we left and went to boathouse. After boathouse, we come to Freedom Bar. After Freedom Bar, we go to Creek now. After the Creek, he asked them [for sex], and them tell him plain and straight them in giving he no [sex].”

It is premised on this that Hamilton is contending that “He was vexed because he spent nuff money pon we and that how we en want give he no [sex] now.”

Hamilton added that Abrams called her phone and said he was missing the $100,000, to which she replied, “bai me en deh for hear stupidness,” and she cut off the phone.

“The Police did not take a statement from us but locked we up without taking a statement. We went there from 6 clock in the morning to 10 clock in the night, and we were released on no bail.”

Efforts to contact the Commander of this division to get a comment on the issue were unsuccessful.

Notwithstanding, Abrams had told Police that he met the girls and started imbibing. He said he had the $100,000 in his back right-side pocket and $23,000 in cash in a separate pocket, which he used to buy alcohol.

After spending some time at the A1 Night Club, Abrams said they decided to go to Freedom Bar Sport Club at about 03:45h on Saturday morning

After spending about 30 minutes, he noted that the girls decided to take a swim at Shanta’s Creek. Upon arrival at the Creek, 36-year-old Abrams and the females took off their clothes and left them on top of his car.

After swimming for a while, Hamilton said she wanted to go home and decided to exit the water. She left the victim and the two other females swimming. At about 05:45h, the other two girls decided they wanted to go home and came out of the water.

The 36-year-old man added that he dropped the females at a location in Soesdyke, and Hamilton wanted to stay with her friends instead of going to her Friendship’s home.

He said after he drove off, he checked for the money, and it was then he realised it was missing. In fact, he said calls to Hamilton went unanswered.


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