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Guyana to get Pfizer vaccines from the United States Government

Guyana will soon be receiving an unlimited amount of vaccines from the United States government so that the country’s population can be protected against the deadly coronavirus.

The US Ambassador Sarah-Ann Lynch made this announcement, at the celebrations of the USA’s 246th Independence Anniversary held on Thursday evening at the US Ambassador’s Residence.

The US Ambassador said, “It gives me solace to announce that the United States government is prepared to collaborate with Guyana and the Ministry of Health to donate as many Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines as Guyana needs.”

Following the announcement, President Irfaan Ali expressed gratitude to the United States for supporting Guyana’s efforts in battling the pandemic, “and I assure you, that the Minister of Health will be immediately dispatch a letter to you before the end of this evening’s function outlining our needs and more importantly working out with you, a delivery schedule so that we work in an efficient manner.”

These vaccines include booster shots and paediatric vaccines.

Meanwhile, during today’s daily covid-19 update Dr. Frank Anthony said the ministry is grateful to the US for providing the country with all of its vaccine needs.

“We are very pleased with this announcement because it would allow us to continue our vaccination programme and make sure that every child who requires a vaccine would be able to access one and every adult who requires a vaccine or a booster shot would be able to access it,” the health minister posited.

Earlier this week, Dr. Anthony had announced the Government’s intention to procure Covid-19 vaccines for babies and toddlers.

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