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Guyana Fitness Expo returns after 3 years

The long-awaited return of the Guyana Fitness Expo is now over, with Fitness enthusiasts set to vie for more than $1 million in cash and prizes in tests of skill and endurance this November.

The battle of the fittest is on November 6 after a three-year hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Over 50 athletes from Guyana and Suriname are set to compete in the sixth edition of the Guyana Fitness Expo at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall.

Event organisers Jordana Ramsay-Gonsalves and Noshavyah King said the return of this expo was eagerly anticipated among local fitness fanatics.

Event organisers Jordana Ramsay-Gonsalves and Noshavyah King

“Of the newcomers, we didn’t expect so much, but we have 15 males and 10 females. In the past, we used to struggle for girls to join the competition, but this year, we have in excess. We have a lot of heats we’ll have to run because of the large interest."

Kellon Reid, Semonica Duke, Omisi Williams, and Paul Meusa are some past champions who will be returning in November to vie for over one million dollars in prizes. The top prize for team events is $200,000.

While the team events are set to be highly competitive, Ramsay-Gonsalves and King say the influx of newcomers who have taken up a fitness lifestyle over the recent years may surprise the event.

In past editions of the expo, an entire weekend of activities was dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle. This included a fitness session, Cancer Awareness Glow Walk, Zumba Glow Party, a three-point shootout, and a Slam Dunk competition, followed by Squat and Fitness Challenges and the popular Strongman competition.

This year, the Expo is restricted to only competitive events.

Noshavyah King said, “This year we’d really consider a soft return. This year we’ve only been able to focus on the Fitness Expo. This is kind of a soft opening. Our idea was to have all aspects of fitness covered in one weekend.”

Ramsay-Gonsalves said, “That was the initial thought. This year, like we said, is a soft intro back into the fitness expo and as we’ve seen we’re encouraged by the participation and next year we’ll make it even bigger.”

Tickets are $1000 per person and available at Genesis Fitness Gym on Durban Street.

King urges families to come out; touting the final event, a new endurance-type challenge, as the one you wouldn’t want to miss.

“The final event you’ll see a double lunge. Two barbells overhead, both athletes holding it. We’ve never done that before. You’ll see box jumps in the final event. It’s a longer one but we’re trying to find the fittest teams and the strongest athletes so that’s expected.”

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