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Graham says Energy Conference “created big opportunities for small businesses”

The recently concluded Energy Conference has been declared successful.

According to Communications Director of the Conference Alex Graham, this conference paved the way to “create big opportunities for small businesses.”

The Director made this comment in response to questions about the number of local businesses that participated in the conference.

Mr. Graham said

“the way to judge what local business can benefit from this is not to judge is not to walk around and count how many local booths we had but equally count how many were opened up by global businesses being present”.

Mr. Graham noted too that the conference paved way for

"very small businesses to show up to booths and show executives their services and promote themselves so that’s an opportunity that they would never get."

The Energy conference saw in attendance 822 persons, 153 exhibitors and 32 sponsors.

Keynote remarks were given by several Heads of States, Oil and Gas officials and Members of the Government”

The Guyana Office for Investment (GO INVEST) was also able to seal two deals during this period.

Other achievements of Conference

*created opportunities beyond oil and gas

*more engagements were held on climate change

*paved way for Government to Business engagements

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