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There is still no word yet on whether there will be a General Meeting of the Public Service Credit Union. If the mandated date of the meeting is not upheld, the current members of the union will be heading back to the courts.

Back in September, the High Court ordered the Committee of Management of the Guyana Public Service Credit Union to schedule a new general meeting to be held no later than October 24th, 2022.

Justice Navindra Singh, who presided over the case, ruled that Regulation 16 of the Cooperative Society Act permits the applicants as members of the Cooperative Society to demand a special general meeting.

With less than a week until the court ordered time-frame elapses, members of the union held a press conference on Monday to air their apprehensions concerning the management committee’s compliance to the order.

“I would want to believe that the current committee management are unaware of their liability for contempt of court rulings in the proceedings if the court order not follow to the letter. This is not your regular sanction meeting, this is a direct order of court and it has to be complied with.” Christopher Thompson said.

The members were asked about what will happen after the court mandated date elapses, especially since there has been no progress or plans formulated regarding its General Meeting and mechanisms to hold an election, or nomination.

Concerned member, Eslyn Harris said, “We have been in communication with our lawyer so are advising that we will be going back to the court if this meeting is not held in suitable time.”

Justice Singh said the applicants had satisfied the requirement of the number needed to present a demand, being in excess of 25 members; and found further that the management committee (the Respondents) were being disingenuous by stating that the Applicants had not satisfied that requirement.

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